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Check prices. Looking to to get the perfect brows? Like what you see? Please enter a valid email. Expand Map. Awesome, you're subscribed! Thank you and look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Oops - something went wrong. Please try again. Our site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our cookie policy. You can also manage your settings. Got it. This treatment will leave your body feeling refreshed, hydrated and invigorated from neck to toe! Contains iodine. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Book any Oasis Signature facial and receive a customized exfoliating peel, a skin-correcting booster ampoule and a hydrating collagen sheet mask! It is the ultimate triple treat for the skin! Spa Specials you can enjoy time and time again. Massage Makes Me Happy Mondays promotion cannot be combined with other discounted offers or promotions.


$tealing beauty

Both services must be rendered for the same client, on the same day. Not applicable towards spa packages or services already on sale. I got a blow out with Cody and he was just wonderful! He was very professional and the price was very reasonable. I like this place very much It was really clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. I may add that the location at 1 Park Avenue is easy to get to and it is nice to find a place in midtown that I like since so many spas are downtown.

It was a really good experience and I would recommend it to other folks. Really wonderful facials and Massages — I've moved down to Florida temporarily, but will be returning back to NYC for good soon! Oasis was my favorite spa in the city. I had gone to their Affinia hotel located on E 34th for massages which were always wonderful, and to the 1 Park Avenue location for facials. Adam was the best for facials- he was so calm and knowledgeable. My friends always commented on how glowing I looked after wards. Is Adam still working at the Park Ave location? Thank you so much for the nice words.

You are totally spot on about Adam, he is a fantastic esthetician, so much so that he was hired away from us by Jane Iredale where he is a national trainer. Fortunately at Oasis, we hire and train our staff very carefully, and we have without a doubt the most dedicated and professional skin care experts around.

I am happy to recommend one of them for your specific skin care needs. Please feel free to reach out to me at bruce oasisdayspanyc. Looking forward to welcoming you back to New York City, the most exciting city in the world. Bruce Schoenberg Owner. Friendliest and helpful staff.

Just starting facials with Rose and she is is amazing. I have had facials at some of the top spas in the city and she is by far the best. Truly analyzes your skin, no pushy sales and no annoying add-ons. Thanks so much for the kind words, I can tell you that Rose and our entire dedicated staff are driven to provide all of our guests with the best spa experience.

I highly recommend you join our e-mail list, Facebook page and Text message blast to make sure you receive all the monthly and last minute specials which are fantastic. Cheers Bruce Schoenberg.

The best spa treatments in NYC

One of the best! The Massage Therapist, Vickie, has a wonderful touch and gave special attention to the areas of tension in my shoulders, neck and back. I followed that with a facial with Rose who evaluated my skin and taught me some valuable things about taking better care of my face. I left feeling refreshed and revitalized. I will certainly return and recommend it highly - thanks very much to Anna, who recommended this package and made the reservation for me.

I opted to use the certificate for a brazilian bikini wax with Marietta. I have gone to the "best" places on the East and West coasts and I can tell you this was the most pain free bikini wax I have ever had! I will definitely be back. Maracella sp? Although I miss Edith who was fantastic as well, but no longer there. The therapist didn't even use massage cream. I asked her if she was going to use it, then she told me that only 1hour facial gets massage cream.

Susan G Komen Greater NYC

What a crock of BS. Therapist just put the mask on and wiped it off. Why should I spent 70dollars for this??? Aso, sauna is not working and front desk sfaff was not nice. To make a long story short, she was not happy with her massage and even asked the masseur male massage therapist to slow down three times to no avail. She works really long hours and desperately needed to relax. In addition, she mentioned that Oasis at least this location does not have a Sauna, Steam room or other amenities that typically add a tremendous value to the whole experience of a massage.

I could sit here and name the massage therapist but I am not going to do that. He could have been having a bad day and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. As for the management of Oasis Spa, they have absolutely lost any hope for future business from my family. The day after her massage I called to give Oasis Spa some feedback. I figured any business would be happy to hear feedback from their customers.

Not true. The first time I called they told me that the massage manager Bruce Bolt was too busy to speak with me and that he would call me back. A couple days go by and he does not return my call. So, I call back and speak with one of the shift managers. She is nice and tells me again that he will be in Thursday and will call me back. Again, no call. Finally this morning they call back to tell me that they spoke with the massage therapist and he said my wife only asked him to slow down once.

They implied that since he has been there for 13 years they were taking his word over ours. The fact that he even remembered someone being unhappy is telling enough. They actually suggested that she should have gotten up during the massage and left the room if she wasn't happy. This was a nice gesture, but honestly, if the massage manager himself can't find two minutes to speak with an unhappy customer, than that speaks volumes about the type of spa they are running over there. Save your money for a better experience elsewhere. Relaxing is an understatement — Love this place, great massages and great customer service.

I loved it definitely will return — I treated myself to the spa for my bday on Nov 3rd. I initially had an appointment scheduled for the Park Av location, but because of a scheduling conflict on my part they rescheduled me to the Affinia Dumont location. I was a little skeptical after reading some of the review, but I kept my appointment. When I arrived I was greeted by Ann, she was very nice and helpful.

Tropical Dreams

She escorted me into the dressing room and showed me how to lock up my belongings. I received a massage by Vicki. She was great. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep a couple times. The only thing I would complain about was the room was a little cold. So before you get started request an extra blanket. After my massage I got a massage by I believe her name was Rose a small Asian woman.

She was gentle and she told me what was she was doing. She recommended products to me that actually seem to be clearing up my face. My face looked and felt wonderful after I left. I will definitely go back. All around great service. Kudos for Clara: Best Waxer in Westchester!!! The service is just amazing. Coming from someone who was reluctant to even consider waxing, I have to say that Clara is absolutely the best waxer around.

She is compassionate, caters to cowards and is just overrall professional and thorough. I will return to Oasis time and again for future waxing. Thank you Clara for helping me relax and wax!!!! Hi Gidget, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. Clara as well as all the staff at Oasis go through a very rigorious training, not only for waxing and skin care - but for customer service and sensitivity skills.

Please remember that we have Frequent User Series that offer not only waxing, but all of our services- massage, facials and body treatments at a discount. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Bruce Schoenberg. Consistently Excellent — A true test of any spa is consistency.

I've never had a bad massage at Oasis. Every massage I've had is always up to par and invigorating. I'm comfortable with any recommendation they offer when trying different massage therapists. Their massage therapists are top notch and they actually listen to where you would like them to focus. The massages are what I would call, 'inspiring. We are New Yorkers but live in Westchester and are definetly spa people. When I looked at spa finder for a new spa I came across Oasis on Park. I have so much to say I am not sure where to start.

When I originally called up to make reservations I spoke to Anna who was so wonderful and suggested the event room because we were going to be a party and the event room we could have lunch. What a great idea.

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She put me intouch with Saida who immediately was able to help me plan a spectacular start to the bachelorette weekend. If you have the luncheon definetly go for the executive plan. I spoke to Christina on Thursday night to confirm all of the appointments and she suggested the farfalle pasta salad The private room was awesome, especially being that we were a bunch of girls ready to party Jackie was a great point person yesterday and everything went so smoothly because of her: She was great and really helped us to relax and get ready There is so much I could say about this spa I cannot wait to come back to this spa and check out the Oasis closer to me in Dobbs Ferry.

Thank you to all of you at Oasis on Park He gave me detail consultation on the best color care shampoo, conditioner, treatment and styling products to maintain the color and beautiful condition of my hair. I love his professional services. Best scrub Ever!!!!! Every service I had was wonderful but Hala is a star!!! She made me so relaxed and so comfortable. She is such a sweet lady.

And so warm. She made me feel like a queen. I will never go to anyone else. She is a gem. My skin never felt softer. I was positively glowing. Lavendar salt scrub is where it's at!!! Holla for Hala!!! The entire place is first class. Plenty of room, nice locker rooms, great massages.

Spa Boutique Specials

We plan to return, when we return to the city. Now the bad news and it's not TOO major. First, fix the steam room. Do what it takes to get the permit already! It would truly be paradise if we had that luxury next time. You are a first class establishment, you don't need a big yellow "order of the board of health" sticker on your steam room door. Next, police the relaxation room. It is a beautiful room with lovely lighting and music and comfortable furniture.

However, the water was lukewarm. We SO needed ice that day. I don't know if that is part of the therapy,but ice would be great. Finally, there were some obnoxious women speaking loud enough so everyone HAD to hear their stupid conversation about some wedding blah, blah, blah. The sign says whisper, it would be nice if the staff enforced this rule so we could all relax.

Overall, loved it and would absolutely recommend it to anyone needing a break. Thank you for taking the time to write, our staff works so hard to deliver a superior spa experience. Regarding our saunas, please know there is nothing health wise amiss. We are so frustrated with a situation beyond our control, this is a prime example of incompetence in a byzantine city beauracracy. The Health Dept. Even with an expediter we have yet to receive approval. We do not put ice in the water because most people tell us they prefer room temperature. Sorry about the noisy guests, we circulate around the spa every 10 minutes or so we don't want to hover in the relaxation area and remind chatty guests to please respect the quiet of the spa.

We hope to see you soon. Cheers, Bruce. Bad Facial, Worse Customer Service — I scheduled an entire day of services for me and my friend who works at a spa herself. We got a wrap, a massage and a facial. The spa itself is pretty nice. Nothing worth a 5 star rating though. The bathroom in the ladies lounge was out of service, as was the sauna. The products in the shower were the quality you would find at your local gym, not at a top rated spa. There was a relaxation room, like there is at most every spa.

But it lacked the extra services you would find at a spa like Great Jones. The wrap and massage were very mediocre but the facial was horrible. I have gotten numerous facials throughout my life and this was by far the worst I had ever had. The process was not what I'm used to at all. Steps seemed to be cut short, products left out, they didn't use hot towels and the esthetician left the room while my mask set.

At Juxenex, they stay with you the entire time. And although they advertise Dermalogica in the spa, they used a product I have never even heard of.

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Finally, the esthetician was so rough with my skin during the extractions to the point where I felt she was digging into my skin and left me wincing back in pain. I was worried about what my skin would look like after because she was so harsh but decided that "she was the expert' and not to worry. Well, after the service I looked in the mirror and was horrified. Although I came in with great looking skin my friend who has a cosmetology degree actually complimented me that morning it now was completely broken out. I understand that facials can cause flareups.

But this was not that at all, my skin was so sore because the esthetician was WAY too rough. I have never had a reaction like that in all the time I have been getting facials. Days went by before the redness and breakouts started to go away. When I politely mentioned this to the manager. He proceeded to tell me "she was one of the best" and "didn't see how that was possible. Here is your proof!

He was so rude and unaccommodating. His solution was to bring another esthetician out in the lobby, and "fix" my face right at the entrance where people pay and come in. My friend told them they should be embarrassed to handle the situation in such an unprofessional way. They should have taken me back to a private room.

Yeah right! He didn't offer any type of discount on the facial. The worst thing about this place was that the management has such novice level training when it comes to customer service. Their motto should be "the customer is always wrong. I came here to spend my hard earned money, and indulge myself and feel beautiful. I left feeling ugly with cortisol shooting through my body. Exactly how you shouldn't feel after leaving a spa! One final note about how this spa does business. If you look here on Citysearch they have a lot of "rave reviews.

But the most shocking thing is not that, or even the bad reviews many regarding bad facials. It's the business response they give to these negative reviews. Is it that impossible that someone could have had a lackluster experience at your spa? Maybe instead of explaining yourselves and pointing the finger at disappointed clients, you should listen to them and improve your business! Is that the way a top rated spa should refer to ANY client? This spa is mediocre at best and the customer service makes this place completely unacceptable.

Refer to Yelp to read my entire review. We don't know what an appropriate response would be to this unhappy guest. There seems there is nothing that we could do to make her happy, she found something wrong with every single thing we did. She was with one of our most senior and requested skin care therapists, one of the most popular massage therapists and her review trashed everyone she came in contact with. Our manager is a great person who tried to help this guest but I guess we did not give her what she wanted.

I do hope this guest will respond to the efforts we have made to reach out to her, I know this review is unfair and would be happy to discuss it with her. Best Couple's Massage ever! Although we arrived 30 minutes late to our appointment, the staff made us feel welcome and did the best they could with the time we had left. Our therapists did an amazing job For me at least it was the best massage ever!

I wish I remembered my therapist's name I think it was Chris or Eric , but I'd definitely try to request him on my next visit. The spa is beautifully decorated and has a calming atmosphere. I simply cannot wait to go back; arriving on time next time around. Their choice of restaurant was great too!

Body Oasis Day Spa on The Best of Southern California

I fully recommend Oasis Westchester. I'd also love to try the one in Manhattan. I went there to treat myself for my birthday and was very pleased. I had micro dermabrassion and the lady was really good.